Multipoint temperature probe for MUXM

MODBUS RTU communication

Up to 50 digital temperature sensors

Reduced tractive effort during unloading, suitable for installation on tin roofs



Multipoint thermometric probe with SS304 sheat, with digital sensors, for the temperature control inside silos or sheds (cereals and derivatives). Our probes have a high response speed due to the optimal combination of a low specifi c heat, combined with a high thermal conductivity and are therefore able to provide an early warning in case of fire in the empty part of the deposit.


Installation indications

The experience gained in the field has allowed us to determine the quantity and the relative positioning of the thermometric probes inside silos for the storage of cereals, seeds or flours in order to ensure proper monitoring of product temperatures.
Each thermometric probe mod. TM / TT immersed in the product has an action range of 3.5 meters (variable data depending on the measured product). The digital sensors placed every 2.5 / 3 meters along the entire length of the probe therefore guarantee a measuring diameter of 7 meters. The quantity of sensors installed along each probe varies in relation to its length.

For a good level of monitoring of the product stored in silos with a diameter of 7; 12; 17; 22 meters, we suggest the following indicatively

Silos ø 7 meters | 1 central probe = 100% coverage
Silos ø 12 meters | 3 probes first ring = 83% coverage
Silos ø 17 meters | 1 central probe; 5 probes first ring = 85% coverage
Silos ø 22 meters | 3 probesfirst ring; 8 probes second ring  = 89% coverage

Posizionamento Sonde TM

Additional information

Housing material

epoxy coated aluminum

Process connections

1/2” G SS304; DN40 flanged; hook for under roof fixing

IP rating


Detection points

n° 1 ÷ xx (max n°50)

Measure range

-30 ÷ +125°C


±0,5°C (-10°C ÷ +85°C)


ATEX II 1 D Ex ta IIIC T92°C Da / II 2D Ex
tb IIIC T67°C Db – IP66
Tamb: -20°C ÷ 60°C

Operating Manual


Atex safety instructions


Data Sheet


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