Multisensor application

Useful for calibration and disaplay of SGM-Lektra sensors *

For PTU51 / 56, RPL75 / 81, Meter6 / 10m level transmitters and RPmag flow transmitters

Compatible with Android 5 or higher devices

Connection via Bluetooth


SGM BT App lets you configure/calibrate your properly equipped SGM meter/transmitter right from your Android compatible smartphone/tablet, allowing a remote real-time reading of the levels/flows (max 10m in open-air). It has an intuitive, easytouse design and can be downloaded for free from Play Store.

*The SGM LEKTRA instruments which are available with BLUETOOTH option are:
METER/PTU51/PTU56 ultrasonic level transmitters
RPL75/RPL81 80GHz radar level transmitters
RPMAG/RSMAG/RKMAG electromagnetic flow meters
FLOWMETER and FLOW51 ultrasonic flow meter


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