Transit time ultrasonic flowmeter
Handheld system for conductive and non-conductive.
fluids, even with the suspended material presence (<10g/l; <Ø1 mm).
Measure range <0,2m3/h ÷ >400000m3/h.
Accuracy: ± 1%.
Clamp on IP67 sensors also for high.
temperatures and sensors on metric frame.
Pipe Range DN20 ÷ DN4000.
Datalogger via SD card.
LCD color display.
Battery life: 48h.

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The SGM-200H flowmeters operate on the ultrasonic pulses transit time difference principle. The great advantage is the mechanical installation, because it is not necessary to cut the pipe.
The sensors are simply clamped on the outer pipe surface, for this reason the pressure and the liquid aggressiveness to be measured are not a problem for the flowmeter. The system measures in a bidirectional way and is suitable for clean or slightly dirty liquids.

Additional information

Pipe dimension range

DN20 ÷ DN4000

Transducer protection class



3.5”, 320x240pixel, 65536 colours


8 keys

Handheld housing




Battery life

48 h



Displayed data

instantaneous flowrate; flow totalizer


7 digits for positive, negative and net

Data logger

SD card

Clamp-on transducers

TS-2 for 20 ÷ 100mm pipes (-40÷90°C)
TM-1 for 50 ÷ 700mm pipes (-40÷90°C)
TL-1 for 300 ÷ 4000mm pipes (-40÷90°C)

Clamp-on transducers on metric frame

HSNN for 20 ÷ 100mm pipes (-30÷90°C)
HMNN for 50 ÷ 300mm pipes (-30÷90°C)
HMEN for 300 ÷ 700mm pipes (-30÷90°C)

Clamp-on transducers for HT

TS2H for 20 ÷ 100mm pipes (-40÷160°C)
TM1H for 50 ÷ 700mm pipes (-40÷160°C)

Operating Manual


Data Sheet


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