Hydrostatic head level transmitter

Hydrostatic head level transmitter
Specific for waste water.
Accuracy ±0.5%.
Range 1 ÷ 200 m H2O.
IP rating (wetted part): IP68.
Power supply 12÷30Vdc (2-wires).


KWL is a great reliability level measurement for liquids. Typical application are waste water even with sludge presence. The hydrostatic level measurement uses the direct relationship between the heigth of the column of liquid and the pressure on the sensor diaphragm. The variation of level/pressure measured is transmitted by 4 ÷ 20 mA signal.

Additional information


10 ÷ 36 Vdc (2 fili)

Measurement range

Immersed probe material


Shielded cable material

PU Ø 7,5 mm

Case material

Alluminio verniciato epoxy

Process attack

2”GAS M, cavo a sospensione, gancio di fissaggio autoportante (opz.)

Analog output

4 ÷ 20mA

Overload capability

1.5 volte il F.S


± 0.5%

Working temperature

-10 °C ÷ +50 °C

Storage temperature

'-20°C ÷ +70 °C

Operating Manual


Data Sheet


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