Complete system for measuring flow rates in open channels and non-pressurized pipes

2 independent flow measurements

Measuring range of sensors 1.5; 6 meters

IP68 sensor protection

2 analogue outputs 4 ÷ 20mA

5 totally configurable relays

2 open collector digital outputs

2 analogue inputs 4 ÷ 20mA

2 digital inputs (max 24Vdc 10mA)

Datalogger on USB Pen Drive (optional)


The flow measurement in open channels with the hydraulic projection method is carried out with the use, inside the channel or partially filled pipe, of a hydraulic modeller (BS – venturi / PB channels – palmer bowlus), a probe for the Level measurement (in this case ultrasound (PTU50; PTU51, without contact with the liquid itself) and an associated control unit (VLW90M) VLW90M is suitable for a direct connection of 1 or 2 MODBUS ultrasound sensors. Thanks to this feature, the CA400 system is able to simultaneously perform two independent flow measurements with ultrasonic sensors and different hydraulic modellers for each type of channel. Logger “based on removable PenDrive, allows the total traceability of flow measurements in open channels for which it is very easy to analyze the time profile of the instantaneous flow rates.


Installation examples

Ca400pb Es CA400

CA400 with Palmer Bowlus

  • Suitable for flow measurement in partially filled pipes of any diameter
  • Employed in the monitoring of sewer networks
  • Ease of installation inside pipes where flow rate measurement is required
  • Resistant to liquids containing acidic and basic solutions

Ca400bs Es CA400

CA400 with BS venturi channels

  • Flow rate measurement in rectangular channels from 150 to 1000mm
  • Almost no maintenance as, due to its construction, it is self-cleaning
  • It is used in water purification plants
  • Resistant to liquids containing acidic and basic solutions
  • Submersibility index of 85%


Additional information

VLW90M housing material


PTU sensor material

Polypropylene (PP)

Degree of protection VLW90M


Sensor protection degree


VLW90M electrical connection

Terminal Blocks

Electrical connection sensors

IP68 connector with 5/10/15 / 20m connection cable

Working temperature

20 ÷ 60°C

VLW90M power supply

85÷265 Vac; 20÷30Vdc

Absorbed power

Max. 10W


5 buttons


320×240 color LCD backlit matrix

Analog output

n.2 4 ÷ 20mA configurable; isolated

Output relay

5 relays (5A 250Vac) configurable

Digital outputs

2 open collectors (max 24Vdc 50mA)

Analog inputs

n.2 4 ÷ 20mA

Digital inputs

n.2 (max 24Vdc 10mA)

Digital communication



on USB Pen Drive; max.32GB (FAT32)

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