Hydraulic modeler

Installation in rectangular channels

Flow rates 1 ÷ >7700 m3/h

Low load losses

Matching to all SGM-LEKTRA systems for flow measurement in open channels

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SGM-LEKTRA has developed its own flumes family called BS in co-operation with the Pavia University Hydraulic Division. BS flume is a special Venturi with flat bottom and ready to be lodged in a pre-existing rectangoular channel. BS VENTURI are suitable for use in irrigation systems, industrial waste water treatment, sewage, and in general for turbid waters; the flat bottom without protrusions has a self-cleaning effect, does not favor the debris deposit and can be easily inserted in rectangular ducts existing. The submerged flow (ratio from downstream head and upperstream head) can be well tollerated. The practical limit of submergence for all sizes is about 90%.

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