Software for displaying and monitoring temperatures

Displaying and monitoring system

All reading points continuous refreshed

Alarm relay overcoming average and maximum temperature

Export data to Excel® or Access® format

Database for traceability

E-mail alert automatic sending

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Agritherm50 is a software specifi cally designed for the complete monitoring of the environmental parameters in storage plants. Its layout, highly customizable, allows the immediate display of the temperature profi le inside each silo / warehouse, with the evidence of those measuring points that may have exceeded the set alarm thresholds. The software also allows the storing of the readings in Excel fi les, or in a database specifi cally created to accomplish a historical record of the temperatures and possibly of the alarm occurred. It is possible to confi gure the system to send e-mail messages in the presence of temperature alarms in the monitored system . The Agritherm50 is capable of interfacing, via RS485 serial lines, with SGMLEKTRA temperature monitoring systems: MUXM / TM probes, MUX / TT probes, analog concentrators and PT100 / Ni10 / Ni100 probes. Agritherm 50 can be interfaced with management systems implant more complex as the Intellidatamonitor and AirControl, which allow the monitoring and implementation of all the controls to maintain the optimum storage conditions (fans, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, automatic loading and unloading of the product).

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