Pressure Measurement

The differential pressure transmitter SDT is manuafctured with innovative silicon technology that distinguishes the product making it unique in reliability, precision and consistency of performance over time. The sensor consists of a monolithic block, double room, with built-in protection system against overpressure which protects the sensitive membrane, by two separate pressure sensors, one differential and one absolute, and by a temperature sensor. The simultaneous action of these elements ensures precision, linearity, stability and accuracy at the top of the current market proposals.
The SPT units for the measurement of relative and absolute pressure are manufatured using the same system described for the differential units and guarantee excellent stability and accuracies in the range of pressures available.
Main Characteristics:
– sensors with high stability and accuracy up to ± 0,75% for SDT, SPT
– differential with static pressure of 160, 250, up to 400 bar
– long-term stability <± 0.1% in 3 years
– measuring range from 1 mbar to 600 bar
– rangeability 100 : 1

The unit range is completed by the KPT and CPT series, suitable for applications in aqueducts and installations in food plants.

KPT Suitable for measurements in liquids, gases and steam with variuos process connections incuding threaded male/female, DIN32676 sanitary type or ISO 2861 for vacuum application.
CPT Capacitive pressure transmitter suitable for applications in the waterworks distribution and water treatment.
SPT Specific applications in industrial processes, with accuracy up to ± 0.075%, and is available with threaded male/ female, DIN32676 sanitary type or ISO 2861 connections for vacuum applications.
SDT Differential pressures measurement with an accuracy up to ± 0.05% and is suitable for measurements of liquids, gases and vapours

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