Guided Wave Radar

A short electromagnetic pulse is sent along a rope and is reflected back once it reaches its end. If the rope is immersed into the product to be measured, in the point of contact air/product an echo is generated by this discontinuity. The echo comes back to the same rope and is detected as a surface of the product. A method of time elongation, allows the assessment of the time of flight which, by its nature, is particularly short, to be able to calculate with accurancy the distance and hence the level of the product to be measured. These are particularly suitable for use with powders, granules, bulk solids such as plastic chips in high and narrow silos, as well as in the food industry because these instruments do not require new calibrations when changing the type of product.
They are also suitable for materials for construction, sand, gravel, etc…
The calibrations are possible even in the absence of product. The instrument generates the high frequency pulses through a probe. The pulses are reflected by the product surface, detected by the internal receiver and converted by microprocessor into level data. The measurement technique, coupled with the EchoDiscovery management system, and the versatility of the RWL series allows the units to be used in severe process conditions with a variety high temperature, high pressure and low dielectric constant. They can be used with materials such as cement, sands and similar products.

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