For many years SGM LEKTRA has been active in the field of flow measurement. Electromagnetic flow meters can measure liquids with a minimum electrical conductivity. Electromagnetic flow meters may be employed in all industrial sectors for liquids flow measurement from DN10 to DN2000.
Depending on the type of application SGM LEKTRA has realized 3 types of product lines:
RPmag; RKmag; RPmagM; RLmag: industrial processes
RSmag: food and pharmaceutical
RBmag; RBKmag: battery operated version
All units offer characteristics such as:
Fully bi-directional measure – Extreme reliability – High precision – No moving parts – No pressure losses – Extended measuring range, 100:1 – Measure independent of pressure, temperature, density and viscosity of the liquid.
With this measurement technique it is possible to reach a standard precision of 0.5% accuracy referred to the measured value with the possibility of a 0.2% accuracy. The calibration of the unit is carried out individually by an internationally certified rig according to the European directives. The certificate of calibration is an integral part of the instrument supply and has international validity. The wet calibration rig has an accuracy better than 99.97%. The calibration rig accuracy is certified and monitored by NIM (National lnstitute of Metrology) metric institute.
The NIM institute is third party, internationally recognized by BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures). The calibration rig complies with the requirements NTC ISO IEC 17025 and the calibration procedures are carried out according to the European EN-45001 Code.

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