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our History

Since 1977, SGM LEKTRA has manufactured instruments for the measurement and control in industrial processes and in the integrated water cycle.

SGM LEKTRA offers instruments for measuring flow, pressure, level, field communication and complete automation solutions.

The original production unit in Rodano (Milan) is now complemented by the recent acquisition of a similar unit located in Shanghai (China) which took the name of our portfolio consists of a wide range of products, designed to meet process requirements with continual product development to meet changing market requirements.

our work

The continuous development and research of new technologies to improve and expand our range of products is an integral part of our business.

For this reason, the R & D laboratory in Italy, who is recognized by MIUR (Ministry of the University and Research) has been greatly enhanced in human resources and is engaged in the development of products with greater integration and communication with the “field”.

global presence

SGM LEKTRA worked, until a few years ago, mainly on the domestic market, with some presence in neighbouring European countries.

With a wider product range the company has revised its strategy, both for the sales production and subcontracting with an increasingly international orientation resulting in a costant significant increase in export. To complete our strategy we have established some important presences in developing markets in order to increase our global penetration into every country of the world. The future of our technology and our products has already outlined the current activities of our R & D laboratory and can be summarized in three words:

integration, innovation and interaction.
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Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers with products that consistently meet their needs. Technical phone support and on-site assistance are an integral part of our business development.


Research and

Setting Up


Research and Development

Our R&D laboratory, recognized by MIUR (Ministry of University and Research), ensures the continuous technical upgrading of all instruments and works to develop innovative high quality products. Our engineers assist the customers by offering the suitable solution for demanding applications that require specialist knowledge.


Our most important objective is to guarantee at all stages of production, all necessary checks to ensure proper operation and reliability of the measurement

Setting Up

Each instrument is supplied with the relevant user manual and technical data sheet. Any further information is available on our website or can be requested to our after-sale service.


Standard delivery is within 2 weeks from the date of the order. For special and customized versions the delivery is agreed according to customer requirements.

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